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"Exiting from your Egypt to your Promised Land."


We are all sinners saved by grace!

This is not the ministry for perfect people, but rather people who are searching, seeking, sinking, falling, failing, crying, needing, and pleading! Whether it is depression, stress, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, poverty, brokenness, self-pity, stagnation, or procrastination, this is the movement that will set you free from the enemy and yourself. It’s time for your exodus. Get ready to exit your past and walk in your future.


About Us

Pastor Mark A. Couch was born in Philadelphia in 1974, but was raised in Atlanta. He has a heart for people, known for making others feel welcomed and unjudged; having the unique ability to inspire, encourage and motivate those who have given up on life, church and God.

Pastor Couch received his Bachelor of Arts degree in biblical studies from Carver Bible College, a Masters of Christian Education from Luther Rice University and completed graduate studies in Israel.


He is currently a full time Pastor, Chaplin for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, and President of Couch Media Group. He is married to his soul mate, Ivy; they have three beautiful children.


The Couch family has a show that the whole family can watch that will keep you laughing and encouraged. Click here to view the latest episode and don't forget to subscribe to the channel.


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